About Us

Our founders started offering Chinese translations and interpreting in 2010. By now, we have helped many big and small companies find their way to China. We are convinced it is important for western companies to actively approach the Chinese market. This not only applies to big multinationals, but also to smaller companies. Therefore, we work for all sorts of companies. Small companies may benefit from starting by translating (part of) their website into Chinese.

We also offer interpreting service. After your website has been translated and you start doing business, your client or supplier may visit you from China. This provides an excellent chance to consolidate the relationship. We are happy to arrange an interpreter to ensure smooth communication. Our internal interpreter is certified and follows training and courses on a regular basis in order to make sure she expands her skills and keeps her vocabulary up to date. She also prepares thoroughly so as to represent your company and support your company image.

At KuaLanx we enjoy our work. That is important, not only for us, but also for you. Enjoyment and creativity go hand in hand, and a happy translator is bound to write better texts. That is why we always ensure cooperation with our translators is friendly and pleasant.